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BREAKING: Plane crashes in Ilorin


BREAKING:  Plane crashes in Ilorin

Following crash-landing by an plane in the fleet of Air Peace, the runway of the Ilorin International Airport has been blocked due to traffic.

According to reports many passengers, which include some highly-placed Nigerians, narrowly escaped death.

All flights to Ilorin have additionally been canceled till the evacuation of the plane.

Air Peace started operation from Ilorin Airport on June 16.

According to investigation, the plane crashed while landing around 9.30am on Friday morning in Ilorin from Abuja.

The aircraft had tyre burst and a bang which affected the cabin with bags falling on passengers.

It was gathered with the effect  of the crash, the airplane could not moved to the tarmac.

In the last 24 hours, the runway of the airport had been closed to traffic.

But at the time of submitting this report all the traumatised passengers had been efficaciously evacuated from the runway efforts were being made to relocate the aircraft from the runway.

A source said that the procedure of transferring the aircraft from the runway was sluggish because,  “it is a bigger plane and there is no equipment.

” We are in the process of removing the aircraft. We have been on it for 24 hours,” the source added.

But the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria(FAAN) and different companies offered to maintain the incident underneath wraps.

“We were directed to manipulate the situation,” the source said. 

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