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Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo blows hot over viral bridesmaid’s cleavage video(watch video)


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo blows hot over viral bridesmaid’s cleavage video

Nigerian pastor, Kingsley Okonkwo, has shared his two cents on the trending video of the lady that went to her friend's wedding, wearing a cleavage-baring outfit.

According to the pastor, who shared a lengthy caption alongside the video on his Instagram page, everyone involved in the video was at fault.

To the bride, he said she should have asked the lady to go away after seeing her dress that way so as not to soil her own reputation.

He also told the girl in question she could have worn something more decent as against what she chose, adding that she had no right to undertake to steal the spotlight on her friend's wedding.

He also addressed the man captured spraying money on the lady, and people at the event.

Read the complete reaction below:

"No disrespect to the parties involved(this is only for teaching purposes).

"#2--These are my opinions, be liberal to have yours, as an elder I feel I should address for those that want to find out .

"To the bride-

* why are you keeping a friend that does not "look" like she's on same page with you, most of the other girls are decently dressed

* albeit she is your friend does she need to get on your train

* when she arrived half naked, you'll have benched her

* She wasn't only half naked but was dancing with intention, for me - wrong intention.

"To the half naked friend-

* There's something called decency, learn it

* There's social maturity - allow people shine on their day and do not divert attention even once you can, respect peoples feelings.

"To the spraying man

* Can we keep lust and foolishness till after the wedding?

* albeit she was your girlfriend, wife or sister, the timing was wrong.

"To other parents and elders at the event

* Hope one of you corrected the friend and corrected things 

* Keeping quiet at such means approval and more people will think it's OK.

"To the camera man

* do not be silly - stay focused if you still want your balance.

"To me and my IG fam

* What concern us during this matter..... Well good behavior is fast becoming a thing of the past, let's preserve the tiny sense still left, Nigeria has lost such a lot let's help where we will .


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