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Dr Anu gave me an infection— Lady cries out after failed cosmetic Surgery (photos)

Dr Anu  has reportedly done it again o— Lady cries out after failed cosmetic Surgery

Dr Anu is a popular cosmetic surgeon who was sued last year for botched surgery.

Her Lagos based clinic, Med Contour was also sealed by the FCCPC after it had been flagged for sub-par medical practices.

Now, a lady has shared disturbing photos of her botched procedure with Gist Lover’s blog. The anonymous patient said she didn’t realize Dr Anu’s diary and flew in from new york to undergo a butt enlargement surgery in Abuja.

The patient wrote, “Dr Anu gave me an infection, fat necrosis, I’m dying in Abuja.”

Graphics Content: i'm so angry right now, after all the awareness, who still patronizes this devil, after we chased her from Lagos, Abuja is her Next stopwhere do we go from here? Where? A serial killer is on the loose again.

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