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Mary Daniel: Lagos Detects Lies In Amputee Hawker’s Claims, Seizes N25m Donation


Mary Daniel: Lagos Detects Lies In Amputee Hawker’s Claims, Seizes N25m Donation

Claims by Mary Daniel, the Oshodi amputee hawker that she lost a leg in an accident that killed all passengers, including her parents when she was a teenager, are discovered as false, the nation reported on Wednesday evening.

Daniel became a sensation weeks ago after pictures of her selling water at Oshodi emerged on social media and attracted sympathy from Nigerians across the world.

Daniel, in an interview, claimed she was an orphan with a baby and an aged grandmother to fend for.

She narrated how life dealt her several blows and she had to drop out of school and hit the streets to make ends meet.

Following her harrowing tales, Nigerians started donating money through her bank account made public with about N25m raised.

This prompted the government to right away shelter her to stop criminals from taking advantage of her sudden fortune.

Just few days ago, a celebrity birthday celebration was held in her honour featuring many cakes, fanfare, photoshoots, among others.

All was going well for the girl until the government discovered on Thursday her father was alive.

It was also detected she was amputated from birth.

It was gathered Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu immediately handed her over to officials of the welfare for investigation following revelations her case was staged.

Daniel, it had been gathered, was receiving strange calls from those that staged her story with threats to reveal the reality unless she gave them their share of the cash .

It was learnt Sanwo-Olu handed her over to officials of welfare within the presence of the police and some Kogi leaders, who attested her father was alive.

Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu told the nation the girl was within the custody of officials of the welfare and not the police as earlier reported.

“The police were there but she wasn't handed over to us. She was handed over to the welfare . there have been irregularities and lies within the account of her life she gave.

“It was discovered that contrary to her claim that her parents died during an accident that left her amputated, it had been discovered that her father is extremely much alive and that she was amputated from birth.

“It was also discovered that her presence in Oshodi was staged. Those working together with her played on the intelligence of Nigerians to urge donations for her.

” It came to light when the people started threatening her. She promised some N500,000 others different amounts and was planning to return to her home state when the knowledge leaked.

“I had to connect some policemen to her to stop any attack on her when she visited the bank. We suspected those people might follow her but everything went well as they weren't seen.

“Presently, the government is preventing her from accessing the cash .

“The government doesn't need a situation where it'll become a trend for people to cook up stories, manipulate the people to urge donations,” Odumosu explained.

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