JUST IN: Popular Nigerian Lady Omohtee Narrate her ugly experience after getting butt enhacement (WatchVideo)


Omotola Taiwo, popularly known as Omohtee opens up about her ugly experience after getting butt enhancement and liposuction surgery from the infamous Dr Anu Adepoju of MedContour.

Read her story below:

My name is Omotoala Taiwo popularly known as Omohtee. I am 28years old.
I met ,Dr Anu because I want to top up my Bum bum ,Bbl and liposuction.

My belle no flat reach ,I won comot fat from there still put am for my Ass.
December 31st ,na so i go pay 1.2million naira for her account . After the surgery I start to dey get complication .I start to dey get burns for my belle, waist burn ,waist numb.
And after two months ,I start to dey get fat necrosis . Uptill now my waist is still numb as I stand up like this my body no complete one is bigger than the other.

Watch full video below:

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