JUST IN: A Nollywood star wife ,Bob-Manuel Udokwu dismisses death rumour

A Nollywood star wife  ,Bob-Manuel Udokwu dismisses death rumour

Bob-Manuel Udokwu's wife  Cassandra   has come out to dismiss rumours in some quarters that she is dead.

She disclosed this on monday via her Facebook page.

According to her,  such reports have caused her family severe trauma .

It’s unfortunate that people would find joy in reporting the death of someone who is still alive,She said.

She also  recalled having a similar experience in 2013 when a platform also reported her death, a claim she would later dismissed.

“I remember in 2013 just like right now, an article was published saying I had died. This exact picture and write up was trending on social media and was on google. It was a regular beautiful day for me till I started receiving so many alarming calls from my family, friends, and acquaintances,” she wrote.

“My children and I were greatly and negatively impacted by that article. And again today the same thing!! July 27, 2020! I cried bitterly because I am tired! Tired of being fake news, tired of being ‘dead’ when I am alive, tired of hiding, and living in fear!!

“What I truly do not understand is why someone keeps writing and circulating these articles. Do you not know that your writings are hurtful? That they are traumatizing? That they make people scared? Do you have no conscience?? Please stop! Stop hurting us!! I am alive. Iam not dead!”

Cassandra also revealed  the difficulty that comes with being married to a celebrity.

“I got married just like every other girl and was happy in my marriage until I began to pay huge and unpleasant prices and witness haunting occurrences just because I married a popular figure. My freedom was taken from me,” she added.

“My children have no life, they don’t have friends and cannot freely do what other kids in their respective age brackets do without fear of unnecessary consequences. They live in constant fear of the unknown. I have been attacked in unprovoked circumstances because of who I married. I have been slapped, hit, followed, tracked and spat at all because I am “Bob-Manuel’s wife. I fear for my life! And the life of my children!! In all this I ask, What is my offense?…”

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