Bbnaija5: Truth or Dare game exposes more secrets among the housemates (Must read)

Bbnaija5:  Truth or Dare game exposes more secrets about the housemates (Must read)

The Bbnaija5 game took a twist yesterday as housemates exempted from Nomination from Eviction,decided to soothe frayed nerves with a few late night games,Truth or Dare.

Neo was the head of the Oracle .He led  the Housemates in rounds of games that included concentration and the usual suspect, Truth or Dare.

He makes them do his biddings and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. 

The only option to refusing a dare was to take a drink but only a few Housemates took that option. A lot of them were in the mood to take the dare.  

This the breakdown of the game.

Starting of the dare was Wathoni who gave Kiddwaya a peek of her underwear. This will be the second time Wathoni has picked Kiddwaya for a dare. The first instance was when she kissed him, and this time, without hesitation, she called on Kiddwaya to come get a close up of her underwear after been dared by the oracle. This was a lot to pack especially as Kiddwaya appears to be on course to start a relationship with Erica. It didn’t take too long to find out where his heart lies as he went for Erica instead when he was dared to kiss someone for 30 seconds. Neo and Vee and Eric and Lilo took part in this kissing dare too with each kissing their respective romantic partner.
More dares

Not every Housemate had the luck of kissing someone they fancied but they got to do other interesting dares. Nengi got a sensual lap dance from Ozo. Erica also got one from Laycon and Neo had Ka3na having a go with her lips around his areola. Brighto wasn’t left out of this wild night as he made attempts to lick Tolanibaj’s ear as a dare. Trikytee also had a handful of Tolanibaj’s bosom. 

 On and on they went daring each other to their delight.

This is the second week of the Housemates in the Lockdown House and they are still bent of keeping the vibe going. Either they are just a happy bunch or their strategy to staying in the House relies heavily on how well they can put up an entertaining Show.

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