Stacey Solomon is left in Mystery after she discovers she cooked pork chop instead of steak for Father's Day

Stacey Solomon was in tears of laughter on Monday after discovering her Father's Day breakfast in bed for boyfriend Joe Swash wasn't as appetising as it seems

The Loose Women presenter, 30, took to Instagram to reveal she had confused a pork chop for steak, later discovering Joe, 38, had put it in the bin. 

Stacey said the Dancing On Ice star pretended to like the breakfast so as to not hurt her feelings, but really felt sick eating a pork chop first thing in the morning.

'I can't stop laughing,' she said. 'Yesterday I made a steak breakfast for Joe. There was a big piece of meat in the fridge.  'I thought, I know what he wants me to do with that. He wants me to make him one of those steak breakfasts he keeps going on about.

'I looked in the bin and there's a bit of steak in there.' Joe said: 'It weren't steak though was it?'.  

Stacey captioned the shot: 'It was a pork chop. He said it made him feel so sick but he didn't want to say anything because of the effort I went to.'  

'So he ate the rest even though it was making him gag and hid the pork chop under a piece of toast. I'm actually crying.'

On Sunday, Stacey showed her followers she had prepared his favourite meal consisting of fried egg, what she thought was steak, lots of toast and tomatoes and brought it to him on a tray in bed.

However, the star shared he couldn't look up at her because he was 'crying' thanks to the thoughtful homemade card from their son Rex, one.

On Saturday, the star paid tribute to her beloved partner and 'amazing father' Joe ahead of Father's Day following his own family tradegy
She was full of praise for her other half as she shared a picture of him playing with their son Rex on her Instagram page.

In the touching post, Stacey said nothing brings her more joy than seeing Joe interact with their boys - after his own father died when he was young. 


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