JUST IN: Nigeria grants 12 universities approval to operate Open Distance Learning

Just 12 Nigerian universities have endorsement to work both conventional learning and Open and Distance learning (ODL), the National Universities Commission (NUC) has said. 

The 12 were given 'conventional ' licenses to work a double mode framework – eye to eye learning in the study classes and furthermore the open distance learning .

The NUC additionally said just a couple of these universities can run a productive web based learning stage. 

The commission said there is a major distinction between web based learning and open and distance learning.  

Distance learning is a strategy for concentrating where talks are communicated or exercises are led by correspondence without the need to go to a school or college.

Since the coming of the web, distance learning has additionally incorporated the utilization of the web as most students get and compose their assessments on the internet.

Double mode alludes to Universities that can give guidelines in the conventional study classes that is face to face, and it can likewise give instructions on open and distance learning, distance learning utilizes multimedia and then it utilizes the internet.

Out of the 43 government Universities, nine were offered licenses to run both conventional and ODL focuses in Nigeria. 

Two state colleges were authorized to work both conventional and ODL focuses out of the 48 states colleges, and one private college out of the 79 private colleges was given the permit to work the double mode framework.  

The 12 colleges that are authorized for both ordinary and ODL are: 

Ahmadu Bello University – Federal University

University of Abuja – Federal University

University of Maiduguri- Federal University

Modibo Adama University of Technology – Federal University

Obafemi Awolowo University – Federal University

University of Lagos – Federal University
University of Ibadan – Federal University

University of Nigeria – Federal University

Federal University of Technology, Minna – Federal University

Lagos State University – State University

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology – State University

Joseph Ayo Babalola University- Private University

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) operates a ‘uni-mode learning system’.

 PREMIUM TIMES, reported that  the representative of the NUC, Ibrahim Yakassai, said online method of learning is beyond WhatsApp and Telegram gatherings, which most uniUniversit and students are calling online   classes.

"A few universities admitted  they are having lectures online since coronavirus twisted the learning framework. Supposedly, most Universities, particularly government-claimed universities, can't give the talks on the web, aside from a couple of private colleges," he said. 

As per him, the greater part of the state funded universities and a couple of private are not prepared for web based learning. 

Be that as it may, "they may be doing a few cooperations by means of WhatsApp and Telegram. Online classes are given in modules, and it expects skill to build up the educational program," he clarified.  

"Universities that were affirmed for both conventional and ODL can't do online, since it is not quite the same as one another. For open and separation learning, in any case, the methods for web based learning can be utilized, yet they are not on the web," he said.  

He said some private Universities with a great deal of web assets may have done a few courses online on the grounds that they have the facilities, and the students have relating devices. 

"It isn't so in some state funded universities where a few students live in village and don't have cell phones. A great deal of private colleges are having their classes online now, yet we need to (have) feeling about public institutions  teaching online.

Distinction between web based learning and ODL 

He said there is arrangement for eye to eye connection with the teachers sooner or later in ODL called contact meeting. "Some way or another through the projects they have barely any cases where they would meet their educators or instructors dissimilar to online which is 100 percent on the web.

"ODL began a quite a while back however before they were doing it on tapes, CDs, presents, and on instructional materials that were educated in modules. In open and distance learning, they regularly compose their tests in an inside yet these days due to the web notwithstanding the other interactive media gear they use, radio broadcast, TV programs. Likewise, the materials organized in modules can likewise instruct on the internet" 

He said online classes are 100 percent on the web and require a great deal of information utilization which numerous students in state funded Universities may not bear. 

"Most students in state funded Universities live in country zones, some don't approach the web and the students should utilize applications, for example, Skype and Zoom for internet learning." 

He said a call has gone to all Universities in Nigeria to investigate the potential outcomes of web based learning. 

"So the students will begin from where they halted once school resumes, they have a schedule to finish and they should finish it. The online talks are unique in relation to eye to eye, it has its own style, and the web must be adequate, students must have perusing telephones that can be utilized in their online classes." 


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