Just In: Ex- Boyfriend to the Wife of Comptroller General Demands Refund of Money Spent on His Ex while Dating her

Mr. Zubairu Dalhatu Malamai, ex boyfriend to Zainab Abdullahi Yahaya new wife of the comptroller general of Nigeria custom service Hameed Ali has asked her to pay him the sum of #9,081,207.45 being money he spent on her during their relationship before she dumped him for the retired military colonel.

Malamai in a letter to Zainab via his lawyer, I.I Wangida described her as a "Cheat"

The letter read in part " we are solicitors to our client Zubairu Dalhatu Malawi of No.224 Durumin Zungun Kano municipal, kano state.
"Our brief as disclosed to us is that over three years of intimate relationship with our client he invested heavily in your life, future and business where you consistently promised to marry him and he was doing everything possible please you and ultinately have you as his future wife only for you to pick another man ahead of him as your husband.

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In view of his displeasure over your reactions few days to your new marriage, we have our client instructions to demand from you immediate payment of the total sum of # 9,081,207 only that was spent on you for business, travelling tickets etc.

Failure to listen to this instruction shall leave us with no choice than to proceed with legal actions to recover the above expenses. Your choice in this matter is our preference.

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