JUST IN: 4.642 billion Naira spent as COVID19 Hazard Allowance to Frontline Health Workers-- Presidency

Nigeria government has spent 4.642 billion Naira as Special Hazard Allowance to Frontline health workers in 35 COVID19 designated hospitals and Medical centers.

This was disclosed in a statement via Presidency Twitter page .

According the statement ,4.642 billion Naira was spent on total of 55,031 Health workers .

The statement read:
As of today, Nigeria Government
 has paid N4,642,485,146.00 (4.642 billion Naira) as Special Hazard Allowance to a total of  55,031 Health workers in 35 Covid-19 designated hospitals and medical centres.

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  Additional payments are currently being processed.The Special Hazard Allowances are being paid on this basis: 

- 50% of Consolidated Basic Salary to all workers in Covid-19 designated Hospitals and Centres

- 40% of Consolidated Basic Salary to health workers in Non-Covid-19 designated Centres and Hospitals
- 10% of Consolidated Basic Salary to Non-Health Professionals engaged
in those centres

-  20% of Consolidated Basic Salary as special allowance to all health workers directly managing Covid-19 patients in Treatment and Isolation Centres.

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