Youths Sycophancy: A Deadly Betrayal to Democracy .... C.C. Ezema

When I think of Civilization in my country, I don't necessary think of Electricity or road first because its an obligatory call for leaders. I did rather think of over hauling Brain Surgery among Nigerian youths targeted at making us Humble, political and productive..

In the Event of Youth demonstration for not " *Too* *young* to *Run* campaign"  Chioma Agwuegbo thrusted her placard flamboyantly into the air. Her resonating  voice adds flaming chants coming from demonstrators around her.

With bold steps, It didn't take her minutes to wriggle infront of embattled youths near the national Assembly and presidential villa screaming in affirmation for President Mohammadu Buhari to sign a new youth bill into law.

The centripetal and centrifugal forces behind this act came out from "Not to young to Run call"  led by advocacy group YIAGA a movement that continued calling for greater youth participation in Nigeria's politics..

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It is one thing to be ambitious and its another thing to have the resources to bring your ambition to life.

A review into Colonial Era is a sure testament of how Young Nigerians led in the struggle for independence as early as 1944 with Nnamdi Azikiwe along with Obafemi Awolowo, Tafewa Belewa, Almadu Bello and amongest others in their 20s and 30s rose to prominence through activism.

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When Nigeria returned to Multiparty democracy in 1999 after series of coups and counter coups along with Military injunctions, there was optimism that the birthed system would prove more inclusive.

It was believe that if vibrant youths were to run and win in the elections, they would foster a more inclusive politics from within. They could introduce new perspective and spearhead much needed innovations in Nigeria's governance systems. But while youths hoped hoped to be at the new Vanguard of political progress they were more drafted to serve as thugs, political choristers and Henchmen for the same elites to parade dead dogmas as social reality.

 *Way* *forward* :
Currently, politics in Nigeria is extremely costly and the hired fallacy of young generation politicians is that no youth of nowadays mostly graduates, unemployed or under - employed can can perfectly challenge the system without placing his integrity over a plate of porridge.

Youth inclusions in current political quagmire to serve as Assistant Aids can make an impact but its impact is very minimal and spiced with everlasting sycophancy for the elites octagarians thus relegating democracy, freedom and competency to the back ground.

Having achieved campaign for "Not too young to Run" call.. Political youths activists should clamour for electoral reforms where independent candidacy would be allowed to run or a call for Youth and Elite political party system with age bracket memberships a requirement in the system.

Also creation of Youth Forum like NANS devoid of membership with political appointments where its leaders would be tasked to checkmate activities of the government in respect to their election Campaign should be employed by concerns youths longing for political stability.

Until total submission, youths should consider shunning every political and electoral processes in the country pending the federal or state government listen to the trumpet call.

In *conclusion* Without  formidable men to embark on these sacrificial step.. Fela's Song about Nigeria years after his demise will continue to sound fresh... " Nothing seems to have changed a bit and they don't care".

May we never settle for what is not Ours...celebrating mediocrity as public truth is a relapsing stratagem for National unity and Progression.

By Chinecherem Chimaobi, Ezema
The Edutainer/Political Analyst

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