Why I demolished Hotels and placed #5million Incentive on PDP youth Leader... Wike

The Governor of River State Nyesom Wike has explained his actions of demolishing two hotels in Eleme local govenment Area of the state and placed 5million bounty on peoples Democratic party (PDP) Youth Leader in the area for alleged breach of Covid-19 Orders and "deadly attack" on a task force.

According to Wike, Despite violation of the extant COVID-19 orders, the owner audaciously unleashed thugs led by the Eleme Local Government youth Leader of PDP and inflicted severe injuries on our task force members who went to enforce law against Continent operations of the hotel.

" As we speak , no body knows the fate of most of these victims of that Brazen and deadly attack given the severity of Head injury they sustained.

"And so we have done no wrong as all our actions were taken in good faith and justified by under and within the preview of the Executive orders which have neighter been challenged nor set aside by any court of competent jurisdictions."
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The distinquished Governor added that "While we welcome genuine criticism towards strengthening out intervention measures no no use joining words with the uninformed critics who preferred to be deformed along side social media legal practitioniers who blinded and probbed by sheer politic, bias and hatred have opted to demonize and paint our lawful and responsible actions in bad light."

Granted that we may not have totally achieved our targets but we are convinced that so far the lockdown and other measures have impacted greatly and we here by declare 12th and 13th May, 2020 as relaxation lockdown on Port Harcourt, Obio Akpor LGA to allow residents breathe fresh air and restock their homes with food and medicines.
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Wike maintained that other established restrictions under Executive orders on social distancing are still in progress including compulsory putting on of face masks or scarfs in public.

He concluded his Sunday night Broadcast with a reminder that the lock down would be reinstated from Thursday 14th May, 2020 till further notice..

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