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When to Seek Help if You are a Victim of Masturbation... Ik Ogbu

Chronic masturbation is a mental illness. It is always better not to delve into any addictive behaviour than experimenting it. It's devastating and health implications outweighs the minutes of short-lived errogenous feelings. For people who are already victims of uncontrollable masturbation. you may need a professional help if:
3. The first thing that comes to your mind when you see a succulent object or edible such as cucumber, carrot, banana, candle etc. is masturbation.

4. You masturbate several times a day and you cannot stay in a lonely room without masturbating.

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5. When you want to stop, you find out that it is impossible for you despite your strong will power.

6. When you are always surfing the net trying to find health benefits of mastrubation in order to justify your addiction instead of seeking help from the same internet in order to save your sexual health.  Remember, you can find one thousand and one reasons and benefits of masturbation the same way you can find in homosexuality and even bestiality.

7. The first impulse that registers in your mind when you see a cute guy or curvy lady is his or her sexual organs or you fantasize sexual activities with the person.

8. You cannot watch a simple love movie without thinking of masturbation

9. You prefer masturbation to heterosexual intercourse for no other reason but for the greater pleasure it offers you

10. If there is an underlying therapeutic reason for masturbation and it poses at loggerheads with other areas of function.

If your are a victim of at least 5 numbers, you will need to see a Therapist: Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Nurse or a Physician.

Do not be deceived by advocates of masturbation. It is not healthy. It is a habit that wells into a disorder and chronic masturbation is a mental illness. Refer to my previous post on this.

*Ikechukwu Ogbu is a Mental Health Nurse and a Sexual Health Advocate.*

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