What my Daddy Told me About Biafra War... Osita Chidoka

Memory of Biafra war is ever indelible in Nigeria history and more unlikely to be forgotten by many Nigerian especially Igbo Community who stormed social media on Saturday to celebrate and as well honour their fallen heroes and heroines who gave their all to defend their territories...

Osita Chidoka former minister of Aviation was moody to pen down stories of Biafra War according to his father.
In his words " my father is 93 years old and lived through Biafra as a middle aged man. He suffered loss of friends and family members, abandoned properties as he lived in Port Harcourt. He is yet to recover from the war.

His words whenever he visited me in Abuja invigorated me.. It fortified me and is ever reflective..

1. Always park your car facing the exit

2. Buy fuel as soon as you noticed half tank in case you have to run back to the east.

3. Familiarize your routes to the east and avoid possible volatile areas as most Igbo coming from the north are the targets.

4. Always remember to keep some cash with you (Home), banks can frustrate you when it matters most.

Mr. Osita added "His deep seated words struck me as the effect of trauma untreated. Importantly, refusal to discuss Biafra and resolve the trauma has led to a generation who did not experience the war taking lead on the conversations has its implications for the nation.

" Time to be truthfully vocal,  and peacefully have conversation is now before those who experienced the war all leave the state. " He enjoined all to join the centre for memories for a discussion on "Onye Aghala Nwanneya.



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