We Are Getting Sample Of Madagascar Cure To See How It Works – Health Minister

Wellbeing Minister Osagie Ehanire has uncovered plans by the Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of Health to get the Madagascar home grown fix to COVID-19. 
The Minister revealed this on Monday while preparation writers at the Presidential Task Force instructions on COVID-19. 

He noticed that the arrangement is to get the home grown item and subject it to examination to perceive how it functions and how it is utilized.
"Concerning the inquiry on the fix from Madagascar, this has been causing the news and we to have the guarantee of having the option to get an example of the herb/plant item for examination and furthermore likely utilize that chance to talk with the wellbeing specialists especially established researchers on how they use it. 

"We will likewise offer that to the exploration network with us here (in Nigeria) to inspect and do what they can do with it. 

"We will jump at the chance to contrast the example and the strain here in our nation whether they are indistinguishable or comparable and see what properties it has. Things like that are ordinarily exposed to examination to discover how it functions," Ehanire said. 

The Minister focused on that all nations are keen on finding a fix to the fatal COVID-19 and Nigeria is additionally taking a gander at all alternatives. 

He included that before the Madagascar fix can be utilized in Nigeria, it will be analyzed, "to ensure they are protected and they work."

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