Premier League to hold Video conference calls with captains, all 20 managers and medical experts

The Premier League will hold conference calls with club captains, managers and medical experts on Wednesday.

Managers will have a chance to voice their concerns to the Premier League on Wednesday
All 20 top-flight managers will attend the first-of-its kind meeting with Premier League officials to discuss the details of Project Restart.

The meetings will include representatives from the Professional Footballers' Association [PFA] and League Managers Association [LMA] and focus on the issue of player welfare.
The calls will take place before the Premier League, and other representatives in English football, hold talks with the government on Thursday.

Medical protocols will be presented to managers by the Premier League's chief medical adviser, Mark Gillett.

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Managers are keen to learn more about the testing of players and tracking of positive cases - and what happens if one or more players test positive when training and competition returns.
Operational details will be provided by the league's director of football, Richard Garlick. Garlick's plans for a return to training and competition

 were discussed at Monday's shareholders' meeting and may yet be updated before being agreed by all clubs.
The League Managers Association, as well as all 20 Premier League managers, will continue discussions on Thursday, Friday and next Monday to made sure their major concerns are fully considered.
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