Latest: Founding Father of Rock, Richard dies at 87.

A consummate entertainer, Little Richard whose showmanship and lightning fast rhythms intoxicated crowds in 1950s with hits like "Tutti frutti"and long tall sally " has died at age of 87 with Rolling stone magazine announced the cause of his death was unknown.

Distinctive voice of Richard ranged from robust belting to howling falsetto made his an inspiration for artists and transfixed audiences.

His Raunchy 1955 song Tutti fruti" even with its gay sex them toned down for radio became a sort of opening salvo of rock 'n' roll's entry into America life line." Swoop bop a loo mop/ alop bam boom"

Tributes poured out for Richard, an epitome of decadence of rock 'n' roll, with Co-founder of Chic wile Rodgers describing it " The loss of a true giant."

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