JUST IN: Police in South Florida take a knee in solidarity, prayer with protesters of George Floyd death

The night saw increasingly savage fights over the U.S. because of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Plundering, shootings and even vehicles going through groups were scenes at different protest across the country.  

In any case, protest sorted out in Coral Gables related to the Miami-Dade Chiefs of Police Association had an alternate sight. 

Individuals despite everything held up signs that read "Dark Lives Matter" and "Stop Police Brutality" during the quiet dissent.  

Cops from various offices went to the dissent and took a knee in solidarity and petition with the protests. 

The Chiefs of Miami-Dade County and coordinators resolved to proceed with conversations this week by means of a Zoom call to tune in to the network's interests, a representative for the amendments division said.  

City hall leader Carlos Jimenez requested a province wide check in time from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. until further notification after bandits destroyed some Bayside Marketplace organizations in Downtown Miami.  

57 individuals were captured in Miami-Dade County Saturday night, the vast majority of which were accused of abusing check in time or region laws.  

A little bit of those captured originated from out of state, including Minnesota, Michigan and New York, as indicated by Miami-Dade Corrections.


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