Inspirational :LETTER TO SISTERS BY UduakJames

Part 2

Dear sister,

You don't need to work so hard to impress a guy. Rather work hard to be who you were created to be; Work hard to become the best version of yourself.

Finding that one person is not about faking a persona but becoming that person you want to attract.

It is the loss of focus that makes many people seek for things for the wrong reason. Hence, no capacity to maintain that which they'll obtain.

The society itself hasn't helped matters, they've outline some requirements or standards that will get you easily attracted to that guy;

1. You must know how to cook, so they say but I say to you:
Cook for yourself and enjoy every meal before you think if he'll enjoy your meals.

2. They say, 'you must have a good dress sense cos a man is moved by what he sees'

Sister, please dress well for yourself first before thinking of who it will attract.

3. She must be intelligent.
Sister, please read, research and be current for yourself first before seeking for who your intelligence will stimulate.

4. She must have a sense of purpose. Need I remind you that God deposited those potentials in you for his work sake.

Pursuing the right things for the wrong purpose could lead to disaster. You could end up with someone who is not deserving of you.

The question is not 'what do men want?' but 'what do I need to add or subtract to become the best version of myself?'

That's when you can radiate the love you deserve.


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