ex-president Goodluck Jonathan says: I don't control Boko Haram... I cannot take responsibility for Chibok girls' abduction''

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has said that he cannot take responsibility for the abduction of the Chibok girls in April 2014 as he does not control the terrorist group.

Speaking in an interview with BBC on Friday November 30th, Jonathan said he did all that was expected of any responsible government to do immediately the girls were abducted.
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"Immediately the Chibok [schoolgirls] issue came up, we expected Nigerians to be concerned. ‘How do we get these girls out?’ Within a couple of days, we saw people going to the US with Bring Back Our Girls placards. How? Why? And of course, Mrs Obama received one of those placards. I cannot take responsibility for that abduction. I don’t control Boko Haram. They are criminals.
"But as a president, of course you know it’s not the president that goes to the fields. You have security and intelligence officers that do the work. Let me admit that yes, maybe they do their best, but their best was not good enough for us to recover the girls. That I cannot say I am right or I am wrong. That does not mean I am trying to remove myself from any blame. Yes I may not be blamed for the action, but I could be blamed that my security and intelligence systems were not strong enough to be able to rescue the girls.
"If I as a politician, will tell the whole world that my political ambition fir any single office is not worth the blood of any Nigerian, how will I be happy that girls have been kidnapped? I’m not that kind of character

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