What a WICKED WORLD!!! 😰😰😰😰😰(Must read)

This shocking revelation was made today at model Primary School, Umudike, Abia State.
It started when this boy came to school with burns and blisters on his face that, upon inquiry, was made by this woman Ochiegbu Blessing from Lokpanta, with a hot spoon. Further inquiry revealed that this boy 

walks more than 5 kilometers to school after delivering goods at the lady's shop. He arrives school by 11 am everyday, exhausted. What he has in his hands is a stale little Fufu and a nearly empty plate of soup that is both his breakfast and lunch. This boy has only one school uniform, a 

spoilt rubber sandals as school uniform. He has only one exercise book he uses to copy all his notes and no textbook what so ever. After school, he goes to hawk egg roll for this woman with the only school uniform he has. Yet he goes to school with stale Fufu and nearly no soup as breakfast and lunch! He is just in primary 4.
This is worse than slavery!

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