A Facebook User slams former Nigeria president ,Goodluck Jonathan for his loss in 2015 election.

A Facebook user named Davidson Azuka Onuoha has taking to his wall to pin point out the reasons Good luck Jonathan loss the 2015 election and also blame him for the loss .He also noted that the name Azikiwe in which Goodluck adopted affect him so much as Nnamdi Azikiwe didn't t understand the geopolitics of Nigeria unlike Ahmadu Bello,Tafawa Balewa and Awolowo etc.

He wrote:

Celebrating Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
It is good to be humble but never to be naive.
It is good to be gentle but never sluggish.

Education is good but smartness is too important.

In our contemporary times, you are being celebrated as a Hero of Democracy in Africa, an epitome of Civility and a respecter of the RULE of LAW but Sir,my problem with Politicians from the Southern part of Nigeria including you is that we have refused to understand the politics of Nigeria.

Even as a president of Nigeria you were still pandering to the whims and caprices of Northern Oligarchs.You had Cabals around you like other presidents before you but most of them were from the North.

You were not firm enough in controlling the affairs of Nigeria during your tenure.

Even, the much talked about "National Confab" was ill-timed.

The calamity and national injustice against the Niger Delta by Nigeria could have been settled once and for all if you were smart and tenacious enough.Infact you had an ample opportunity to restructure Nigeria but you were not really in charge of the real national issues during your time.

Moreover, you never knew the psyche of an average Northerner, you thought that by doing everything for them they could trust you..My brother, you miscalculated seriously.

Perhaps, the name "Azikiwe" which you adopted equally affected your sense of judgment because Nnamdi Azikiwe also misunderstood the geopolitics of Nigeria unlike Ahmadu Bello,Tafawa Balewa and Awolowo etc.

However, I join other well-meaning Nigerians to wish you well on this auspicious occasion of your birthday and BOOK LAUNCH!

Congratulations and many happy returns,Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!

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