Lil Lonnie US rapper shot and killed in Mississippi

Lonnie Montrel Taylor,22  known as “Lil Lonnie,” a Mississippi rapper was killed during a shooting in Jackson, Mississippi, which took place just before midnight on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

According to the WAPT,  Jackson State University student was driving with an unidentified female passenger on Montebello Drive at about 10:30 PM, when he was shot from the rear several times, causing his SUV to crash into a house. The female passenger remained unharmed, while Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lonnie unknowingly captured his final moments in an Instagram post just hours before his murder. The post carries a cryptic caption. "No going back, know imma keep it coming," he wrote.
US rapper Lil Lonnie shot and killed in Mississippi?
The Mississippi native became a household name in South after he became one of the young artists on the rise following his 'They Know What’s Goin On'  project from 2015. 
XXLmag reported that the project became the top-downloaded independent mixtape on LiveMixtapes of 2015, and was followed by his TKWGO 2 project in 2016, and TKWGO 2 project last year. 

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