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Saturday, 28 April 2018

A Nigerian man reveals the picture of a lady who threaten him with Nude photos of herself

A Nigerian man has revealed the picture of a lady who threaten him with  nude pictures on social media. The man who runs a Kbk  foundation claims he decided to reveal the face of one of them cos she threatened him in a chat.
His words:-
After warning severally on this platform that Im receiving too many nudes from those requesting for help, its driving me crazy and distracting.
My phone saves pics automatically.. I’m afraid to show people things on my phone cos I don’t know how many more Unclad bodies would have lined up again since the last time I deleted.
We have agreed on this forum to expose them, ba? This girl is a scape goat cos hers came as a threat.
Pls stop people, just stop. There’s no shape you wanna show that I’ve never seen before, you cannot lure me into approving you.
Anyways, if you have sent me Unclad pics because I have not opened your mail, go and delete. Next time I will show your whole body, name and handle. I will not bring this post down. Maybe the fear of being exposed will make people stop.

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