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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#Part 3# : Tips for getting good examination results.

                            SET YOUR TARGET SCORE OR GRADE

Many students when preparing for examination overlook target score or grades.It is a bad habit which have eaten deep in our young one's in secondary school.

For those in school, before  you perform well you should set a target score or grade

for yourself. For instance ,when I was in secondary school I always set a target

grade each term. I will tear out a sheet of paper and grade myself according to how

easy  each subjects is . Always remember that the higher you set your target scores

the higher your chance of getting good grades but the lower you set your target score

the lower your chances of getting good grades. And also it is directly proportional to

the effort you put when preparing for the examination.

When you have a target grade  or score it will speed up your reading habit and appetite for achieving it.

In Jamb or UTME ( for Nigerians) setting a target score is important key to it sucess.

The higher you set your target score the higher your chance of getting a high mark.

A friend of mine set a target score of 280 in JAMB  and got 270 . Another set a target

score of 300 and got 290 in Post UTME. A target score is very important aspect

every Students should know. When you set your target score or grade have faith you can achieve it.   

# Do not doubt yourself believe in yourself#

" WE ARE WHAT WE BELIEVE WE ARE" Bajamin .N.Cardozo.

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