Sexual Transmutation: Antidote Against Masturbation... Ik. Ogbu

A young lady who read my previous post on masturbation felt concerned and asked me what she could do to "help herself" since her husband lives abroad. Not just women, such is also the fate of many people, including the celibates who are often accused of masturbation simply because they have vowed not to exercise their genital organs in a sexual intercourse. It is from this perspective that this current post is anchored.
By Sexual Transmutation (ST), the purpose is not to deny or kill the sexual desire. In fact, denial is an unhealthy way of coping with a sexual appetite. The desire is healthy and it defines one's healthiness. When it is not expressed, it may accumulate and consolidate and eventually bursts in a harmful way such as in a vigorous masturbation, rape, sexual assault such as voyeurism and other paraphilic acts. What is therefore done with the desire, is our concern. That desire is libido.

Like I have explained earlier about the attitude of the mind and the physiology of the brain in the event of interpreting messages that are being sent to it, the brain is very powerful that what has been learned can also be unlearned by mere re-learning. In other words, new idea can take the position of an already existing idea and the new idea could be as well, swung into action. The action is ST.

Sexual Transmutation simply means the habit of channeling those libidinal powers away from the body into something creative. For instance, when someone feels horny, instead of denying that s/he feels sexually excited or trying to explore the feelings in masturbation in the absence of a partner, the person may write the feelings as a love poem. This is just the secret of many award-winning poems. They were borne out of an orgasmic creativity; an intellectual ejaculation. This is just an example. Some people channel the energy into dancing, listening to music (not erotic), taking a long walk and imagining the birds of the air, working in the farm, reading, exercising etc. A priest said, "When you see me playing the keyboard  in some solemn tunes in my room, I may not just be praying; nwoke n'ihe n'eme."

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My adolescence was hyped by adventurous sexual desires. I remember how I used to confide in my mum on how I loved a certain girl in my class, those days in my General Nursing. I remember the likes of Dr. Chibuko V. Chinyere who was my Guidance and Counselor. I was very expressive in my sexual exuberances and each time I told these people how I felt, the tension was relieved. They may not have said any tangible thing, but the act of saying it by me and their acts of listening became a soothing balm that nurtured my wild, but natural feelings. The point here is that when you feel it, don't do it, but say it or push it into something creative. However, be mindful of the people you confide in; some may just be an object that would skyrocket the feelings.

When you cultivate this habit, you are gradually filling up the erosions that masturbation had created in your mind and filling it up with new values. You will eventually realise that even in marriage, sex is not the nucleus of the union, otherwise what happens if your partner loses his or her organ to a disease? By the time you venture into sexual intercourse with your partner, you will discover that the numbed areas of the brain have become sensitive again and you could feel the pleasure to no end like a man who had dwelt so well on good diet, rest and physical exercise.

Let us digress a bit from masturbation and go deeper into ST.

Do you ever imagine why great oracles, both as authorities in the course of human affairs and authorities in the occultic world totally or momentarily abstain from sex when they want to perform certain rituals? Great innovations of this world, discoveries, masterpieces etc are found within those people who sometimes practise abstinence or those who have totally withdrawn from sexual intercourse without bruising the integrity of the body, mind and spirit. Well, sexual abstinence is not the theme of reflection for today, but I leave you with the words of Napoleon Hill from his book, "Think and Grow Rich:"
"...the desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, it will seek outlets through physical channels. A river may be dammed, and its water controlled for a time, but eventually, it will force an outlet. The same is true of the emotion of sex."

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